Comment 51 for bug 24280

I'm out of the office until 1st August.

On 6 May 2011, at 09:03, Christoph Buchner <email address hidden>

> it is now 2011, still not resolved.
> for me, this bug has been triggered by this workaround around the
> too dark inactive menu item text in ambiance:
> --
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> Title:
>  applications run through gksu cannot use themes in ~/.themes
> Status in The "GKSu" Gnome Frontend for "su":
>  Invalid
> Status in One Hundred Paper Cuts:
>  Invalid
> Status in “gksu” package in Ubuntu:
>  Confirmed
> Bug description:
>  The user interface of the theme manager does not make clear that it
>  can only install themes for the current user. Furthermore it does not
>  provide an option to install themes system wide. This very often
> leads
>  to bug results like this one:
>  Scenario:
>  A) User finds spiffy (or totally hideous) theme online and loves it.
>  B) User installs theme and uses it.
>  C) User selects any sudo-required admin app and is greeted with the
> default GTK
>  theme.
>  Solutions:
>  1) Live with it and wait until GTK uses a nice default theme
> (dapper + 1 if
>  we're lucky?).  Is this even good enough?
>  2) Stick the user $HOME/.themes directories into whatever path gtk
> uses to find
>  themes so the admin apps match the user apps no matter what awful
> creation the
>  user might be imposing upon [him|her]self.
>  3) Be smart enough to know if a theme is not available and fallback
> to the
>  default Human theme or something along those lines... basically
> just do anything
>  to avoid showing it un-themed.
>  4) Create a new theme specifically for use with apps that require
> sudo priv.
>  Use this theme at all times.  Maybe make it an /etc setting
> somewhere for people
>  that can't stand it and "must" change it for whatever reason.