Comment 35 for bug 24280

Ben (ben2talk) wrote :

There's a lot of confusion here. Themes should not be installed globally, though I think they should all be available globallly after installation.

I agree that it is good to have a different theme for root actions - so I would like to launch gksu appearances to set my sudo theme, better option would be to have the option in the 'Appearances' window to 'relaunch as root'.

I send the menu launcher to make a launcher on desktop, and put 'gksu' in front of the command. It launches, and it works - it has a different theme (metal instead of 'Moku') and looks altogether more authoritive than friendly wood, being steel.

The trouble is that Root isn't looking to it's own folder for gksudo applications - it will look at the /usr folder and take the theme from there which is shared. Unless the desktop is launched as root, then sudo apps won't take the theme set by Appearances run as root. If they can find the theme in shared folders, they'll wear the same skin as the user.

I would like to set a root theme to apply to my sudo apps.