Comment 2 for bug 117751

No, what I am looking for is to have it enabled, which it isn't by default. You need to invoke strange rituals for that to happen, even though the tablet is already acknowledged by the system and rest works fine. It has nothing to do with levels, xorg.conf or PressCurve.

No matter what tablet is used, it seems to show "cursor", "stylus" and "eraser" and these need to be set to "Screen" to work properly. If there is no tablet, these don't exist.

So, to my thinking, if they do exist, they should default to Screen. Exactly how that is accomplished technically I don't know. For X, xorg.conf contains Wacom entries no matter if you have a tablet or not, that only appliles when there is one.

It's probably possible to do the same with the Gimps config file, as nothing bad happens if I set this, then unplug the tablet.