Comment 9 for bug 172264

foomatic-filters (3.0.2-20071204-0ubuntu1) hardy; urgency=low

  * New upstream release
    - Let Ghostscript always use buffered
      input. This works around a Ghostscript bug which prevents
      printing encrypted PDF files with Adobe Reader 8.1.1 and
      Ghostscript built as shared library (Ghostscript bug #689577,
      Ubuntu bug LP: #172264)
    - Allow the parameters of the "*Foomatic..."
      lines which formerly had to be given without quotes also to be
      given with double quotes. This is to support generation and
      manipulation of Foomatic PPDs with the CUPS DDK. The PPD
      generator of the CUPS DDK ("ppdc") can create these lines only
      with quoted parameters (See
    - Bug fixes:
       o If the CUPS-style duples option
         "-o sides={one|two}-sided[-{long|short}-edge]" was supplied,
         the "Duplex" option could be set to "0", "LongEdge", or
         "ShortEdge", which do not exist in the "Duplex" options in
         PPD files (Thanks to Ricoh Japan for reporting this bug).
       o Now all of "LongEdge", "DuplexNoTumble", or "ShortEdge",
         "DuplexTumble", are converted to each other if supplied as
         value to an enumerated choice option (usually "Duplex") and
         this value is not in the list of choices.
       o Reset the best score for finding the narrowest page range
         before treating each option, not only before the first
         option. Now jobs with page overrides on more than one
         option are executed correctly.
       o If an option had the default value "0" (enumerated choice,
         numerical, string) in the PPD file, the first choice from
         the list was set as default and not "0".
       o When assigning a non-integer number to an integer option,
         the "%%BeginFeature: ..." line of the option inserted into
         the PostScript data stream still contained the non-integer
         value. Only the value in the code piece was converted to
       o If a non-integer "*FoomaticRIPDefault..." was given for an
         integer option it was not converted to integer.
       o Boolean options had "0" and "1" as values in the
         "%%BeginFeature: ..." lines and not "False" and "True".
       o PPD-supplied JCL/PJL options did not get merged with
         driver-generated JCL/PJL options when there were spaces
         between the JCL command and the "=" (ex: "@PJL SET TRAY = 1").
       o Now all of "0", "No", "Off", "False" or "1", "Yes", "On",
         "True" are converted to each other if supplied as value to
         an enumerated choice option and this value is not in the
         list of choices.

 -- Till Kamppeter <email address hidden> Wed, 05 Dec 2007 12:08:58 +0000