Comment 42 for bug 172264

lunomad, can you upload the .deb files which you have built to a web server, so that others can download and test them? Thanks.

shaddin, the GPG key stuff is no problem, when this message appears the .deb packages are already built. Simply ignore the message and install the .deb packages.

HaraldK, this is fixed and realeased for Hardy, the development line for the next edition of Ubuntu. This bug report is now about backporting the fix to Gutsy. Now we are in the state of asking users (especially the original reporters of this bug) to test whether the fix works in Gutsy and does not break anything. So please compile the new Ghostscript version as I told earlier and report your testing results here.

jmagsho, Please post the screen output of your failed build, especially error messages.

And to anyone else, please test the new Ghostscript by compiling it as I described and ignoring the GPG warnings. Report your results here.