Comment 40 for bug 172264

HaraldK (pifpafpuf) wrote :

From the table at the top of this page, I read that this should be fixed and released, however it does not work for me and I guess I have an up-to-date gutsy system, because:

%sudo apt-get dist-upgrade
0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 0 not upgraded.

% dpkg -s ghostscript|grep Version
Version: 8.61.dfsg.1~svn8187-0ubuntu3.2

So the 3.3 does not seem to be out yet.

Nevertheless: after doing the compile magic described above, I now can print my bank statements.

Further remark: This does not help for neither kpdf or an acroread7 nor for evince. Acroread7->postscript shows an empty page in gv. Kpdf->postscript shows the page in gv but rendered seemingly with replacement fonts of the wrong spacing. Evince->postscript shows up even stranger in gv, as if a bitmap font was anti-aliased.

So for now the only way to print my bank statement is acroread8 (at least they provide an deb).