Comment 30 for bug 172264

Stable Release Update (SRU) Request -- for GUTSY

Impact of the bug

PDF files are very often opened with the Adobe Reader which Gutsy ships in version 8.1.1. Many of these files are restricted in how they can be used. To enforce these rules they are encrypted. If you try to print these files from Adobe Reader 8.11, the PostScript output of the Adobe Reader hits a bug in Ghostscript. Ghostscript errors out and nothing comes out of the printers. Users complain that they cannot print many PDFs.

Fix of the bug

Ghostscript's upstream developers have fixed this problem by a very small and simple patch. See one of my earlier comments in this bug report. The patch indeed works under Hardy.

Here is the debdiff for the Gutsy package of Ghostscript:

Source packages are here:

Everyone who is suffering this problem please test and report here. Thanks.