Comment 26 for bug 1049635

cliddell (cjl) wrote :

Well, I think it's fair to say that if Kyocera's very own driver does not/cannot produce PS that the printer can interpret, it's not unreasonable that we don't. I'm not saying if there were a reasonable way for us to workaround the problem that we wouldn't, on that basis - but frankly, none of us can see a way to do that without taking ps2write away from it's intended purpose, which is to output as accurate a representation of the input as possible, within the limitations of the imaging models and the Ghostscript internals.

I guess it's something to Till to consider, and discuss with the other cups devs: should there be a "Print As Image" option in cups?

That option is in all the Windows Postscript drivers which I have access to, right now, so I have to assume it is included for a reason - and the only reason I can think of is cases like this.