Comment 40 for bug 34813

Peter W├╝rtz (pwuertz) wrote :

Guys, please actually read the stuff others wrote before...

As I said, the problem with gedit is the "save" routine. It relies on moving the file that is being edited while the filehandle is kept open. This works for most filesystems, but it fails on cifs and sshfs (by the way, it works with smbfs). There are 2 ways to fix this:
1. do not move open files
2. fix support for moving open files in cifs and sshfs

I would just change the save procedure and go with the first solution, but the gedit devs don't like the idea of changing their way of saving files because any other solution would require a full copy of the text file (for backup) or open up racing conditions if someone else tries to edit the same file.