Comment 13 for bug 1794280

Soooo... Running from kvm itself it seems that this is reproducible but seems related to some lower level issue (both using sil's command and adding -vga qxl):

journalctl: (with vga

In both wayland and xorg tries to get a drm device, but that's not set..

Generally when using `-vga gxl` this issue is happening in a randomic way, while it's 100% happening when using the default vga (std, or just not passing it) that is actually using vbe.

So, the weird thing here is that with the same kvm vga configurations, we get a working session when just booting from the cdrom.

For some reason it looks like that the vbe driver for X isn't even tried in this case; compare Xorg.log above with the one when booting from livecd:

Then I think this is indeed not a gdm bug per se.