Comment 43 for bug 437429

Larry (larryfroot) wrote :

this is what I have just posted on the matter in ubuntu forums. It aint delicate, but it worked for me. And as mad as it sounds if a silent ogg was made, renamed desktop-login.ogg and copy pasted into /usr/share/sounds/ubuntu/stereo then that would be a bizarre workaround.

I changed my login sound and advised the forums thus:

The ogg file causing the irritation, the desktop-login is to be found in /usr/share/sounds/ubuntu/stereo

it is called desktop-login

If you have an ogg to drop in, rename it to desktop-login, change permissions on the above directory to your current username account and group, example below - remembering to seal it up again later on - again example below.

If you haven't a handy ogg and need to convert your media type to ogg

sudo apt-get install soundConverter

video on using it which is very good:

then change permissions on the folder that holds the desktop login sound,

in a terminal type

sudo chown username:username -R /usr/share/sounds/ubuntu/stereo

This will change all the files permissions to your user account (using the recurser switch -R) it is by far best practice to hand it all back to root when we finish here.

Then open up sound converter and click to open a file, the one you want to play instead of the god awful roll of drums. Its costing me a fortune in bananas needed to pay my monkey cus of all the bloody somersaults he pulls off.

Anyways, check the file filter in sound converter is set to spot the file type you wish to convert to ogg, get it up in the app, and press convert. I think it defaults to ogg, cus that's what mine did. Then copy paste the freshly ogged sound into /usr/share/sounds/ubuntu/stereo and then seal the directory up with

sudo chown root:root -R /usr/share/sounds/ubuntu/stereo

entered into a terminal.

and press enter.

Job done. not neat, not nice, but done.