Comment 40 for bug 421261

On Wed, 19 May 2010, Martin Stolle wrote:

> Hi, is anyone working on this? It's really annoying 8-).

So far, Ubuntu ranks _last_ of all bug-tracking systems that I deal with,
for getting things done. Perhaps the package maintainers tend to assume
that all of the work is done in Debian.

> I ran uxterm under strace and it appears to only look for UXTerm and
> _NOT_ UXTerm-color resources. Since x11-common is responsible for
> making it use -color, I looked for uxterm opening that file in the
> strace, but it appears to ignore that file. If I manually xrdb
> -override that file, it works as expected.
> In conclusion, the root bug seems to be that uxterm does not (or no
> longer) consults /etc/X11/Xresources/x11-common Could this be a
> regression in Xt? Can this be fixed, maybe? Or is this an unintended
> side-effect of ?

It could be similar, but this report is older than #570447

Thomas E. Dickey