Comment 20 for bug 408474

Gunnar Hjalmarsson (gunnarhj) wrote :

The proposed code for @variants is general, and intended to be applied to all translation variants. What Pau suggests would require special code just for @valencia. Technically it would of course be possible (and not very difficult), but I fear that such a hack wouldn't be approved for policy reasons.

Pau: It's a little ironic that you use GNOME to support your suggestion. Please check out the discussion at to see what I mean. ;-) My code is part of the work with bug 693337, and it will probably become an Ubuntu only solution.

It may be worth mentioning that GDM and language-selector use different methods for converting code to menu labels. In language-selector the language code 'ca' is shown as 'Catalan; Valencian' and in GDM as just 'Catalan'.

Another note: The code for @valencia will be either 'ca@valencia' or 'ca_ES@valencia'. On my box it's the latter, and the reason for that is that I'm using FileZilla, whose @valencia translation - unlike all other @valencia translations - resides under a ca_ES@valencia directory. Without FileZilla, the code on my box would be 'ca@valencia', which would have been shown in GDM as just 'Catalan - valencia'. One reason for this proposed behavior is the gettext bug 700213...

Sorry for bothering you with these details, but they show that it's more into it than you may first think. Bottom line is that we'll probably have to be content for now with the somewhat simplistic solution I'm proposing. After all it's better than not showing @variants at all.