Comment 2 for bug 1509369

Felipe Reyes (freyes) wrote :

After some research, I think this is not strictly related to suspend/resume and more to how gdm selects the next VT available to spawn your session and how systemd manages VTs initialization (getty on demand). From

Traditionally, the init system on Linux machines was configured to spawn a fixed number login prompts at boot.[...]

In a systemd world we made this more dynamic: in order to make things more efficient login prompts are now started on demand only. As you switch to the VTs the getty service is instantiated to <email address hidden>, <email address hidden> and so on.

I rebooted my machine and before logging in I cycled from VT1 until VT7(gdm), so systemd launched a getty in each VT, then I logged in gdm and gnome-shell was launched in VT8 and this problem went away.

So this is what I think is happening:

- the system boots
- a getty in launched in VT1 and gdm in VT7
- the user logs in
- gdm looks for the next available VT, as systemd didn't launch VT2...VT6, gdm uses VT2 and from that point Alt+<arrow> behave like if you were running virtual terminal console instead of an X session.