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Binary package hint: gdm-2.20

As reported in this thread:

I confirm there is a bug in in "gdm-2.20" package in Ubuntu 9.10 - Karmic Koala.

Configuration file "/etc/gdm/gdm.conf" contains several wrong paths to old X server (/usr/X11R6/bin/X) which don't seem to exist in Karmic anymore. Fix is to set them to "/usr/bin/X" or "/usr/bin/X11/X".
After rebooting, an error message will warn that gdm is not able to find the "Human" theme of Ubuntu because by default gdm-2.20 looks for this theme but it's not provided with the package, therefore it is also necessary set another gdm theme with the command "sudo gdmsetup".

After this fix everything seems working correctly but I've noticed that in choosing legacy gdm-2.20 as default display manager (during preconfiguration process), file "/etc/X11/default-display-manager" is removed.
This probably falls within the normal because gdm-2.20 works the same, however, in previous versions of ubuntu (where gdm-2.20 was installed by default) this file was present.
Command "sudo dpkg-reconfigure gdm-2.20" doesn't solve this last issue.

I need gdm-2.20 because I have an old PC with Xubuntu installed and I have problems with Xubuntu and the new gdm (version 2.28): apart from the fact that new gdm is very slow with my old PC, if I change Xfce default resolution through xfce display setting utility, gdm asks loging twice. I think this is a bug too.

Excuse me for my poor English.