Comment 23 for bug 293535

D J Gardner (djgardner) wrote :

Hmm further testing shows:

1. Removing .gconf solves the problem for one login, but it returns on second login.
2. I saw occasional defunct copies of metacity in top.
3. Disabling desktop effects seems to solve the problem

So does that make it a metacity / compiz bug?
If I understand you right, there is some probably some client (metacity / compiz?) asking for gconf data, crashing because of it, and re-spawning?

On the other hand I think there could still be a gconf - related solution to the problem, in that gconf potentially has the ability to stop this cycle. It could well see an activity that is suspect (excessive access to a config item) and make it hang for a while, much like init will
stop a task that is respawing too fast...

by the way, all those calls to gconf_log... where does the logging data go?