Comment 43 for bug 1304754

Matt Bruzek (mbruzek) wrote :

Is there any way to verify if a Debian package has been built with this gccgo fix?

I downloaded the 14.04 debian packages from:
These packages were built on stilson-07 which has the PPA and the fixed version of gccgo.

Then I ran apt-get upgrade/update
sudo dpkg -i *1.20.2*

juju bootstrap -v -e local –debug
juju deploy local:trusty/ubuntu
juju ssh ubuntu/0

Segmentation fault on stilson-01:

According to line 372 the dmesg output:
This appears to be the same problem, the deb packages were not built with the fix.

I am also able to reproduce this Segmentation fault on the CI machine stilson-06.

The CI build machine has the toolchain-r PPA and the fixed level of gccgo:

The dmesg output is attached.