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Jay Flory (jayflory2) wrote : Re: 4.4.0-116 Kernel update on 2/21 breaks Nvidia drivers (on 14.04 and 16.04)

The newer Ubuntu kernel has the new retpoline Spectre mitigation. In order to load, your kernel modules will need to be compiled with a version of gcc that supports retpoline. You can determine if the module has it with the command "modinfo <module>" and look for the version magic.

If you are using DKMS then your kernel modules should have updated automatically. However this depends on the version of gcc in use.

If you are using a Ubuntu version of gcc, then gcc probably updated when you got the newer kernel. The changes to gcc necessary to support retpoline should have been backported to most active versions of gcc. However if you have installed a custom version of gcc then your kernel module probably will not build correctly.