Comment 193 for bug 36581

2.6.9-42.0.10.ELsmp #1 SMP Tue Feb 27 09:40:21 EST 2007 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64

Sorry, Wes - I'm running 0.1.9 on a production server and experience the runaway

gam_server will behave for a few hours - sometimes a few days.

I wrote a custom daemon that uses the fam-2.7.0 library. gam_server is, of
course, required by fam.

As a temporary solution a cron job now stops my daemon. Doing this is not
enough, however. I still have to kill gam_server, and then restart my daemon.
(I'm a little worried about the effect of killing gam_server in the midst of
some operation).

Is there a better alternative? My daemon monitors a few directories and
triggers actions when files appear. gam runs in polling mode because I don't
want to re-build the kernel on the production box. Maybe this isn't a problem
if it runs from the kernel?

I've tried the config file trick:


fsset ext3 poll 5

Still, no joy.