Comment 0 for bug 1766872

This bug has been introduced by the fix of (LP: #1682637) in Bionic.

I have notice a block in Bionic when choosing 'Enable Network' option in recovery mode on different bionic vanilla system and I can reproduce all the time.

I also asked colleagues to give it a try (for a second pair of eye on this) and they have the same result as me.

Basically, when choosing 'Enable Network' it get block or lock.
If we hit 'ctrl-c', then a shell arrive and the system has network connectivity.

Here's what I find while enabling "systemd.debug-shell=1" from vtty9 :

# pstree

# ps
root 486 473 0 08:29 tty1 00:00:00 /bin/systemd-tty-ask-password-agent

root 473 486 0 08:29 tty1 00:00:00 systemctl start dbus.socket

root 486 283 0 08:29 tty1 00:00:00 /bin/sh /lib/recovery-mode/options/network


systemd-analyze blame:
"Bootup is not yet finished. Please try again later"

"systemctl list-jobs" is showing a 100 jobs in 'waiting' state

Seems like systemd is not fully initialise in 'Recovery Mode' and doesn't allow any 'systemctl start' operation without password/passphrase request, which I suspect is hidden by the recovery-mode menu.