Comment 3 for bug 618017

Till Kamppeter (till-kamppeter) wrote :

The problem is most probably that the PPD archive issues a Traceback when it simply gets killed,

It can easily be reproduced by running the command

/usr/lib/cups/driver/openprinting-ppds list | less

and then pressing immediately "q" without scrolling down to the end of the list before.Then openprinting-ppds has not yet finished listing but less gets already closed and so the shell kills openprinting-ppds. This leads to a traceback of openprinting-ppds (it is a Python program).

Solution is to wrap the main function of openprinting-ppds in a "try: ... except: pass", so that all runtime errors get caught. This is really a minimum-invasive fix which cannot cause any regressions. Therefore I recommend it as a Final Freeze Exception.

The compressed PPD archives are generated by the following source packages, so the fix needs to be applied in all of them:

foomatic-db, gutenprint, hplip, splix, ptouch-driver