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Paul Sladen (sladen) wrote : Re: Wishlist: Figlet export ASCIIfied BFD to /usr/share/figlet*.flc

LP whitespace fail. There appear to be two ways. Either a bitmap font where each cell corresponds to one pixel. Looking at the header information:

  $ head /usr/share/figlet/banner.flf | grep BDF
  Cyrillic characters from "koi8x8" BDF font.

it appears fairly easy to get this from the same standardised BDF intermediate bitmap font that we'll probably need to use during the VC Console/bterm/Grub bitmap export process. Such a font output could be automatically generated from the bi-level hinted forms and would be very similar to:

  figlet -f banner Ubuntu!

the second option is to try and make an outline font that approximates the outline of the letters (the stroke, instead of the fill). This would produce a result closer to:

  figlet -W -f standard Ubuntu!

but would be harder to do as I don't know if it could be automatically generated and might need to be a hand-created workalike.