Comment 20 for bug 1575555

Dhoulmagus (jiongrious) wrote :

After installing fonts-noto-cjk 1:1.004+repack2-1~ubuntu1, Chrome starts to render CJK characters with Noto Sans CJK [JP] Regular in pages that does not define lang="ja"/lang="zh"/lang="zh-TW"/lang="zh-CN"...
i.e. When the page does not specifies lang="??" in HTML, Chrome will choose Noto Sans CJK JP series to render CJK characters as fallback.
This may be ideal for Japanese users, but I personally would like Noto Sans SC as fallback, as a SC user.
For example, in this page: I want "门" in SC instead of JP.
Is there any way the user can manually set the CJK fallback font(in Chrome, or in somewhere else)?
If such setting exists, JP users can set Noto JP as default fallback, TC users can set Noto TC as default fallback, and so can SC, and this issue can then be treated as fixed.

And finally, if this can be done, it can be expected that this time, ALL CJK characters in a page without lang="??" which is a mixture of CJK fonts( for example) will be rendered in Noto Sans CJK SC. This is still not perfect.
The ultimate ideal form is that Chrome will "intelligently" render Japanese(Hiragana, Katakana, and Japanese Kanji) in Noto JP, render Traditional Chinese in Noto TC, and Simplified Chinese in Noto SC, even in non-lang="??"-specified pages. This is one of the perfect forms:
Thanks to that each CJK paragraph is explicitly specified with lang="??" in HTML, this is fulfilled. But in normal pages, uh, I guess this is Mission Impossible...