Comment 20 for bug 1334495

Lukas Bunsen (lukasbunsen) wrote :

I added the fontconfig file (also had to create the directory conf.d), but the bug still exists after a reboot.

However, the default font apparently changed. (At least in the KDE terminal/Konsole: As when the locale was Chinese, the same annoying phenomena exists: a huge whitespace is in front of the cursor, and even moves through the text when I use the arrow keys to move horizontally in the command entered)

Might it be possible that the problem is more connected to the "missing" Droid fonts? I think the "normal" characters stem from the Droid font. If nothing changes even if Droid is the default font, that would mean that on my installation Droid does not have enough glyphs to cover all characters, and instead the glyphs of Ukai, which has a way lower priority, are used?

Also, in the output of fc-match, I see several Droid fonts for non-latin languages, like Hebrew or Japanese, but not for Chinese. I am not sure if it might be possible that the Droid Japanese font is used to display Chinese characters, and non-covered characters are displayed with Ukai?