Comment 16 for bug 1334495

Lukas Bunsen (lukasbunsen) wrote :

Hi Gunnar,

sorry for the long delay. A recent update caused a problems on my Kubuntu installation. I wasn't careful enough in my attempts to repair and ended up with a broken system.

On the positive side, this means that I can now check if the bug exists in a fresh installation of Kubuntu 14.04.1...
It does.
The local was mixed again, my hypothesis is that the Kubuntu installer sets some locale values depending on the timezone you choose? I manually reset all values to "de_DE.UTF-8" in /etc/default/locale.

I attached three screenshots. The first two are the example text in Kate and the available fonts in a fresh installation with all updates installed. The text shows _three_ different "things": First, most characters are displayed in the normal font. Some few characters, for example the first one, are displayed in a different, slighty italic font. Some characters are completely missing, and squares displayed in their place.

The third screenshot was taken after installing Chinese language support. I first added Chinese in the KDE language settings, which caused some packages being installed, for example ibus. But afterwards, the text was still displayed the same way. I then installed language-selector-gnome. When I s tarted it, gnome-language-selector was prompting that some language support packages where missing and offered to install it, among others, fonts-arphic-uming and fonts-arphic-ukai where installed. I addionally executed "apt-get install --reinstall fonts-droid".
You see the result after a reboot on the third screenshot. The text looks like on my old system, the characters only displayed as squares before now use a italic font to. The italic font changed, I assume it is arphic-ukai. As with the old installation, the font settings dialog only shows the same few fonts, and not all of the fonts you have.

I also attached the output of "fc-match -a 'sans-serif'"