Comment 12 for bug 1334495

Gunnar Hjalmarsson (gunnarhj) wrote :

Thanks, Lukas. I changed the title of this bug report to reflect our findings so far.

Yes, it would be valuable if you could confirm the issue on a fresh install.

On 2014-07-08 04:14, Lukas Bunsen wrote:
> Also, would it make sense to reinstall fonts-droid and try if I have
> the problem with a Chinese language locale?

Yes, that would indeed make sense too. However, there is a pending fix (bug 1335482) which might affect such a test, so to accomplish it reliably I ask you to install the current Utopic version of the package language-selector-common.

Please download that file and install it from a terminal window with

sudo dpkg -i language-selector-common_0.132_all.deb