Comment 33 for bug 475889

Zeitschrift (glaubwurdig) wrote :

I managed to fix this, install FontForge (I got it through Software Center) and open ARIALN.TFF with it. Then click on Element -> Font Info... and select 'TFF Names' on the left. Find two lines that say:

English (US) | Preferred Family | Arial
English (US) | Preferred Styles | Narrow

Change 'Arial' to 'Arial Narrow' and 'Narrow' to 'Regular'. Click OK and select File -> Generate Fonts... (don't click on 'Save...', it won't work) and select 'True Type' from the box under the filename. Click on the wrench icon on the upper right corner and select 'Show Hidden Files', then save it in .fonts folder. You can replace the original file or save it under different name, it should work anyway. FontForge will tell you that the font has errors, but ignore it. Now do the same with ARIALNB.TFF, ARIALNBI.TFF and ARIALNI.TFF, of course changing 'Narrow' to 'Bold', 'Bold Italic' and 'Italic' respectively.
It appears to be working fine on my Lucid.