Comment 24 for bug 475889

The reference documentation on modern font naming is

It's not short or well written but that's the best we have. It would be nice is someone wrote a clear summary of it (I've started in but I do not seem to find the time to finish it)

Apps need to :
1. recognize fonts that use a style conformant to the WWS model defined in this paper (not "read the WWS name" but "check whatever naming layer they use conform to the model). Probably both the canonical WWS style name and the aliases MS identified in its paper
4. provide means for users to pass from one of the styles to another (as in, bold-er, wide-er, etc)

And *then* when apps are able to use WWS fonts properly people can think of band-aids to process non-WWS fonts.

As long as apps provide a "bold" button but have no idea how to manage all the weight variants defined in the whitepaper for example there's little hope