Comment 11 for bug 475889

DEFHol (dfleener) wrote :

I can confirm that neither Ubuntu 9.10 nor 3.1 recognize the Arial Narrow font family properly. provides a way to install fonts through spadmin, which are not available to the system. After realizing that Arial Narrow was not usable in my Ubuntu system, I tried spadmin to install it directly into to no avail. It is recognized as Arial font family, Narrow style by the Gnome Font Viewer, which is interesting, to put it softly, because there is no "Narrow" style in ANY program I know which uses fonts. There are only Regular, Bold, Italic, and combinations of these. In, the spadmin is supposed to allow the renaming of fonts. I can see the duplicate entries for Arial, which are actually Arial Narrow fonts, and I can rename them, but it always reverts back, never sticks. So, that doesn't work as advertised, either.