Comment 85 for bug 173890


can we please keep the discussion / work around banter on this bug clean as Brandon requested.

Allow me to summerise in the hope that this will stop the banter and keep it clear for the resolution.

1.) The flash package from ubuntu broke due to Adobe changing the CONTENTS of the flash tar ball on their site.
2.) Ubuntu reacted and created an updated deb package for use with the new adobe tar file. This package worked for gnome/firefox users only due to the contents of the adobe tar file no longer containing components needed by konqueror and opera. Due to this only working for Firefox users the proposed fix was withdrawn and a new approach (mentioned in Brandons last post) is being created.

Can we please wait for a fix, update or request for input before coming up with more random work arounds.

The work arounds are this "if your a firefox user you may down load the plugin and install manually - this will technically work for you as a plugin but you may experience issues later in ubuntu life if the ubuntu proposed fix conflicts with your manually installed plugin".

Thats about it at the moment.