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None of this really does anything for the guy who just bought his Ubuntu preinstalled laptop/desktop hoping to get into Linux. Focus should be on usability of future flash updates from an end user standpoint, just make the backend logic work. When faced with end users struggling or breaking a packaging policy you should be thinking of your higher interest the end user.

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> > It is perfectly easy to install the Adobe 64-bit plugin directly.
> Of course this is not the point of having it packaged :-)

No. Having the 64-bit version packaged is Bug 299146. :-)

Either way, anyone wanting to use the Ubuntu package is going to have to
put up with the periodic breakage. So my point is that they can either
wait for the package to go through the update process, or install it
themselves. The latter being trivial in the 64-bit case, since there
are no 32-bit libraries and wrapper to deal with.

flashplugin-nonfree fails to install due to md5sum mismatch
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