Comment 15 for bug 173890

I am going to try building the source package on Gutsy 64-bit. It should work, as the package created from the debdiff I made compiled.

Matt- this bug is marked as "Fix Released" because the source package has been uploaded to Hardy (not Gutsy 7.10). The 32-bit package has been built on the Hardy repository, but the 64-bit package has not yet been built. For Gutsy, the bug has been marked as Confirmed, because the source package has still not been uploaded to a Gutsy repository. Read the comment I wrote before on December 6th requesting that the source package be uploaded to a Gutsy 7.10 repository.

If you want an immediate fix, then just download this package (32-bit only) and install it (it is identical to the current package in Hardy):

Alternatively, you can build a binary package from this source package (this is currently necessary if you have 64-bit):