Comment 33 for bug 72018

Sitsofe Wheeler (sitsofe) wrote :


Strange though this may sound I actually only use one plugin - the totem one. I like to try and stay as close to stock Ubuntu as possible to decrease the chances of unusual problems that other people can't reproduce (I currently don't even have any extensions installed). I also don't browse many flash sites so I have no great need to install the flash plugin. Most of my browsing is restricted to tech news sites and the occasional video from so I'm not even that representative of your typical person browsing popular sites like youtube, facebook, myspace, flickr (see other top 100 websites here: )... I only started actively looking for troublesome video after you the totem-plugin fix with the sole intent on seeing whether it would break again...

However if you think it would be helpful then I can test new mozilla snapshots (once upon a time years ago I used to do this for mozilla nightles). However I think I most likely to do this during Ubuntu alpha/beta testing periods..