Comment 28 for bug 300080

Daniel Hollocher (chogydan) wrote :

hahahaha, well, if age is a reason to invalidate bugs, then this one should be deleted! Its been reported and repeatedly confirmed since Firefox 1.5 Looks like this bug may never get fixed :(

On the upside, I didn't have to sign up for a (yet-another) account!

Anyway, I think the appropriate status for this bug is Triaged - Low. This is what I've seen happen to other upstream bugs. Do what you see as fit.

If someone does give this bug report another look, can you answer this for me: Should I stay subscribed? I would like to only be subscribed to bugs for which whose status is important to me, or I feel I can offer something. Given that this bug is long standing and I can't fix it, there isn't much I can offer. Given that it doesn't look like anyone is trying to fix this, its status isn't important to me. If you have an opinion, and I'm still subscribed, please post it. Otherwise, I will probably unsubscribe the next time I go through my list o bugs.