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JasonSpradlin82 (jaspradlin) wrote :

Kind of, but no.

That bug references a direct copy (using ctrl-c or "copy" on the context menu) of text located in the address bar... In that case, the code that moves the selected text to the clipboard and accidentally translates the %20 into a space.

In THIS bug, it only occurs when RIGHT CLICKING a link and selecting copy link location. This time, it does do the opposite, but it makes sense to have it do this for the following reasons:

if I coded a page with <a href=" times"> (made up link) then the browser needs to know to use URL encoding because the REAL address WILL actually be ..."fun%20times"

However, when using <a href="javascript:whatever(something, something else)"> we are not referencing a URL at all... We are calling a javascript command defined somewhere on the page or in an included file. Firefox should NEVER presume to URL encode a link containing a javascript command, because URL encoding should only apply to URLs.

Jason Spradlin
Atlanta, GA

(P.S. does replying to a bug email add a comment to this bug, or not?)