Comment 56 for bug 223238

phinn (phinnvr6) wrote :

Unfortunately the "nvidia-settings -a InitialPixmapPlacement=2" hack didn't do much if anything at all for me. This is a huge Firefox bug and almost all NVIDIA Series 180 driver users encounter.

Some notable bad offenders are: (when the javascript image changes at the top the whole browser freezes) (with the new ajax engine that loads more of the page down the button its just terrible)

It seems to be a javascript/Ajax bug in Firefox 3.x.

Ubuntu Linux is a wonderful distro but unfortunately I only use Windows XP on my main box because literately of this bug alone. Firefox being open is 90% of what I use and it's performance compared to Windows is deplorable with these drivers.

Hopefully either Firefox 3.5, or something from Nvidia, or whatever will eventually have a real fix. Opera runs great in Linux but I don't want to switch browsers just because of a bug no one can/will fix.