Comment 0 for bug 175904

In , Myk (myk) wrote :

When I open a link from another application with a recent trunk nightly of Firefox running, the Firefox window raises to the foreground, steals focus, and moves to the current desktop (if different than the desktop the window is currently on). I noticed this on earlier trunk builds, but several weeks ago it stopped happening. Several days ago, however, it started happening again.

The problem happens for every link I open from another application, like Chatzilla, Thunderbird, or GNOME Terminal, all of which presumably use /usr/bin/gnome-www-browser to open links in the "preferred application" on my Ubuntu 6.10 system, which is /usr/bin/firefox (which then forwards the link to the actual binary currently running).

I can also trigger the bug by entering the following into a terminal window or "Run Application" dialog:


On Firefox 2, the window doesn't raise, focus, or change desktops, although its task manager icon does start throbbing. This seems like the optimal behavior, at least if the preference "When I open a link in a new tab, switch to it immediately" is turned off, since it mimics the behavior of Firefox itself when you open a link in a new tab (i.e. the tab doesn't raise/focus).