Comment 125 for bug 1711337

James Donald (jdonald) wrote :


Here's a 14.04 Trusty build:

I used the same approach with clang + gcc headers inside a Trusty (gcc-4.8) container. Initially I got errors about ::gets() and Stack Overflow sent me down some rabbit holes of attempting to use gcc-4.9 headers or libc++ armhf. Ultimately the workaround was to comment out the offending line in gcc headers, and also fix a constexpr bug in the <complex> header. These kinds of hacks are something one can be more comfortable doing inside a Docker container.

I don't have a 14.04 armhf setup but I did test this on Raspbian Stretch. Would be great if you could try it out on your system. Note initially it used up all my Pi's RAM so I had to add 1 GB of swap.

For others, here is a 16.04 Xenial build: