Comment 17 for bug 401615

I'm still waiting for someone to offer a solution to the problems with bookmark sorting.
I just did an upgrade and it was the typical Firefox screw up.
My woodgrain skin was gone
My add-ons were gone
My bookmarks were deleted.
Luckily I had downloaded my add-ons to a separate folder ( I no longer install as I download) where Firefox could not find them. I simply re-executed each one to put them back. A pain, but at least my back-up plan worked.
The bookmarks were another matter. Since the last screw up, I have been saving my book marks each week into a separate folder on my back up drive. This way Firefox can't find and delete them. Firefox is smart and will look in both the documents folder and the recent documents folder as well as the temp folder. Once Firefox is assured it knows where you keep all of your important data, it deletes everything.
But, as I said, I have fooled Firefox, my critical data is safe!
But, now do the import thingy, and what does Firefox do?
It duplicates every folder!
So, I go in and delete the folders I don't need.
After using Firefox for a day, what happens? Firefox has created new duplicate folders again!
Now it has been 5 days since the last screwup and Firefox has grudgingly left my bookmarks alone.
So It will hold, no doubt, untill the next time there is an upgrade to security or heaven forbid, a new version!
I hope people reading this will now appreciate why Micro-Soft always has so much trouble coming out with new versions of their software! It must really be a pain!