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patch ver. 3

A little intro to this new patch:

The way nsPermissionsManager handles entries is a bit complicated (although not necessarily wrong). Any uri passed to it will get stored by host as is. Then when TestPermission is called, it will check the hash table for that host and all its' super-domains. In practice this means that "" won't match either "" or "". However, "" will match any sub-domain of, including "" and "".

This I took from where the entry lookup is done (and TestPermission is called with PR_FALSE for aExactMatch). I tried to mimic the code there as close exactly (hence the NS_GetInnermostURI addition), but changed the lookup a bit to account for storage differences (it made more sense for me to modify the temp mHost in place, instead of creating new OverridePermissionEntries for each lookup).

The only thing wrong with that approach (and this probably belongs in a separate bug, which I'll file shortly) is that it doesn't cut off "www" which is not a sub-domain, rather a standard prefix. The intention is that the caller should be able to chose up to which sub-domain it wants to add the permission for, and "www" shouldn't be considered a sub-domain in that case. When the permission manager is fixed, this should be fixed as well.

Everything else in the previous comment was addressed, sorry about the misspellings.