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Ok, this addresses all of the review comments. I still have one problem that I'm mentioning here because I don't know of a way to fix it, if it is indeed fixable at all. The content policy code somehow manages to get a real domain out of the url's passed to Add. I know that because if you block an image, say, to, an image from will also be blocked. I don't know how it's done, while still maintaining international url compatibility (which it does).

TestPermission in nsContentBlocker.cpp has a hack when it check for BEHAVIOR_NOFOREIGN of removing from the second-to-last '.' to the begining and from the last '.' to the end. It clearly states though that it's a hack and won't work for international sites. What can I do about this? Should I do the same hack as TestPermission does? Is there some sort of way that I can reliably grab the domain?