Comment 31 for bug 294712

Summary: Firefox does not display images even on right clicking on the blank area for the image and clicking "Show Image" when automatic displaying of images is disabled from FF settings.

Steps to reproduce:
  1. Disable automatic displaying of images. Goto Edit->Preferences->Content and uncheck the "Load images automatically" checkbox.
  2. Now open a webpage, say for example, your Launchpad profile page (
  3. As the page is displayed, right click on the blank area where your profile mugshot is supposed to be displayed (mugshot: the 192x192 profile picture).
  4. Select the "Show Image" option from the menu.

Expected Result:
The mugshot should be loaded and displayed.

Actual Result:
Nothing happens. The image is still not displayed. So there remains no way to view images on the page other than clicking on "View Image" and opening viewing the image only.

Problems Faced:
Some users disable auto loading of images due to slow internet connections. So when I visit a website which need a visual verification (captcha), I have to select "Copy image location" from right click menu, open it in a new tab and view it there. It would be rather more desirable if the image is displayed on selecting "Show Image" from the menu.