Comment 25 for bug 294712

I would be rather surprised when this patch goes in, and I'mm sorry but your patch is a workaround only, not a real solution.

Changing users preferences? To me that is really bad thing to do, because what happens when I'm in tab A and right click to show this blocked image, while other tabs B and C are still loading? Wouldn't that load images that I don't like to see in the first place, just because you changed the pref for it?

Also, what about locked preferences in environments where the end-user can't change/add preferences? This would mean that your patch won't work, and thus should not be accepted.

What we need is a changed IDL, adding a new function that skips the PM check for any type of content, but hey I'm just one of the add-on developer working on the very first content blocker for Mozilla.