Comment 545 for bug 269656

version 3.03 of firefox is repeatedly showing me this eula, which isn't really an eula, I don't care about it appearing the first time but its starting to really get on my nerves since its showing me this repeatedly!

What kind of idiot decided this was needed, surely the about item on the help menu is enough, if necessary add a button to allow the user to read the whole thing if they want.

Firefox is googles customer, not me. Larry Page and Sergey for firefox, I don't.

It's all a bit Anal-Retentive this Eula thing any way, so stop doing it! Google wants as many people using FireFox as possible but this showing the freaking eula every time firefox starts is annoying the hell out of me, not only that its embarrassing, I don't want to be grouped in with a bunch of anal retentitive losers because thats what it looks like, every time you fling that Eula in users faces, its not big its not clever and someone should have known better.

Firefox needs an update sharpish or another browser is getting installed!