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Ralf Nieuwenhuijsen (ralf-nieuwenhuijsen) wrote :


>Not having a web browser at installation is worse.

We could install the unbranded version by default!

>And, ethnically speaking,

You mean legally...

>you already agree to EULA's implicitly when you
install Ubuntu - to all of the GPL's and other licenses. Having one
presented to you so you have a choice of declining it is, well, better.

GPL is not an EULA. GPL is a liscence from the author to whoever wants it to distrobute. The right to distrobute is not one you get by default; you have to explicitely get permission from the author; which is what the GPL Is. The GPL only applies when you are _distrobuting_ ..

Which is completely different from an EULA ..which puts restrictions on the USER.
So, if I download Ubuntu and give it to you, it's because the GPL lets me do that.
You, the receiving party, have agreed to nothing.

So, like I said before, EULA's are more problematic than closed-source software.