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Matt Arnold (mattarnold5) wrote :

  What is really lost by not having firefox branding... Debian went unbranded a few years ago for a license issue with the logo this is far worse in my way of thinking, If we let this one EULA in whats to stop openoffice or mysql as has been said above. I don't see Torvalds ever EULAing the kernel though but i digress. What is wrong here is that MozCorp thinks it is special in some way there is a proper place for license information and it is not in the user's face. If Mozilla can't live with that then why is their non-free logo still used in main. As has been staed above this package should be moved to multiverse immediately and the archive admins asked to sync IceWeasel

  > To act as though your rights are being infringed misses the point of free software by a mile.

 Maybe our rights are not being infringed but our principles certainly.

  > It's strongly our preference, and that of most of our users, to have Firefox as the browser in Ubuntu.

   Why? Is firefox so important to Canonical that you are willing to sacrifice a part of what makes the Free Software desktop unique. Are users so unintelligent that they won't go IceWeasel hmmmm that must be like that FireFox thing. I don't think so and to pretend otherwise is stupid and underestimates ! I don't consider myself a free software zealot but you have to draw the line somewhere. So I ask again what is really lost? A very badly drawn fox wrapped around a fuzzy blue ball and the word firefox. Do we really need it.