Comment 139 for bug 269656

jetole (jetole) wrote :

Ok, perhaps this has been mentioned since I only read the first 90% of this post but here is an idea. If I understand the scenario correctly, this EULA is being mandated because we are changing Firefox and the way it operates?

apt-get -y install ubufox

Problem solved! no?
Additionally I really don't need to hear one more vote ice weasel, vote epiphany comment. This forum took too long to read with enough redundancy that many posts were as relevant as the Firefox EULA. However, since I am posting a credible suggestion, the EULA as a default when you install is a bug and huge one. Everyone who wants to say I always just click through em etc etc should reconsider what the ideals of Linux are and why it is popular. If Ubuntu wants to ship with a EULA in their next version then I will probably accept but I will lose a lot of respect for it and may consider it time for a new distribution. If I am willing to weigh it then I know way too many won't need the time to weigh it.

It doesn't matter how accustomed YOU are to clicking through a EULA because YOU are not the only user of Ubuntu and YOU do not have to answer to a corporate legal team. Do you?