Comment 43 for bug 197781

On Mon, May 12, 2008 at 01:33:28PM -0000, Data wrote:
> The bug is still present in an up-to-date installation of hardy (firefox 3beta5).
> John, I do not really understand why you mention firefox-2 as firefox-2 was never mentioned in this bugreport.
> So I am setting this bug status back to New, so that someone else can confirm it.
> Also I do not understand why it should be better to file a new bug for this issue as this bugreport here already exists. But maybe I am missing something here (Is it better to file a report by using Help > Report a problem than just filing a bug in lauchpad like this one?), so feel free to correct me, if necessary.
> ** Changed in: firefox (Ubuntu)
> Status: Won't Fix => New

firefox 3 is tracked by a different source package

 affects ubuntu/firefox-3.0
 status new

firefox ships firefox 2 now

 affects ubuntu/firefox
 status wontfix

 - Alexander