Comment 287 for bug 187313

Mitchell (mitchellvc) wrote :

After updating to FF 3.0.10, I can't install mouse gestures. the plug-in seems to be installed but when trying to configure it ask to restart FF, if i restart FF, it ask it again and again when i try to configure, so it is never properly installed because it seems to assume that FF has not been restarted. The random behaviour does not disappear at all because the plugin is not installed properly. Already tried purging and reinstalling FF. So mouse gestures is not a workaround any more.
This bug is really annoying and the reaction that the community has showed against it is very poor, more than 1 year and no solution, despite there are already the way of getting a patch or something like that. We are waiting until the official FF release fix this bug. Three releases of ubuntu involved with this annoying bug in the default browser. I really hope that the community reacts faster in the future just because this is not gonna be the last time we have a bug like this. I believe the main reason people turn to use Ubuntu is because of the usability and the updated software, so the community also should react faster to bugs like this and provide a patch for ubuntu or something and not only wait until the solution is included in the code of an official release.
Ill wait to 3.0.11 (hoping that the fix not be put back again) and downgrade to 3.0.9 if it is possible, but I'm really disappointed with this kind of bureaucracy. It makes me remember the release of debian etch that was put back over and over again, I hope Ubuntu is not going in that direction.