Comment 26 for bug 187313

I have found my own workaround to my incarnation of that problem (On an overloaded computer, right-click very frequently spontaneously executes any context menu entry at random, otherwise menu appears after seconds or even never.):
I right-cleeeeek, that is, keeping held down until the menu appears (, or cramp, whichever is first).

Side notes:

- When the context menu (finally) appears, a random entry of the menu may be highlighted (but it's not executed). Same if a Firefox 3 window tab is right-clicked
- In Windows (and Wine), the context menu appears only when the mouse button has been released (up event). This is the best debouncing method that can be (this problem shouldn't debouncing, but who knows).
- In 7.10, releasing the right-click always executed the top entry unless the pointer was moved away from the top left corner. In 8.04, a small menu margin makes moving away unnecessary. Nice improvement, thanks !!!
- Why do so little persons report such a pesting bug?

Hoping this will help understand and fix the problem.